Fighting for Your Peace

attorney cheryl deptowicz-diaz at her desk


Welcome to  Thank you for taking the time to learn about our firm and ways in which we can be part of your legal solutions.

Diaz Law Firm is led by compassionate first-generation Filipina American, Attorney Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz, who come from humble beginnings and know the crucial need to fight for peace. 

The areas of law we handle are: Family Law, Immigration, and Bankruptcy.

Family Law

Family Law comes into play when your family and personal relationship dynamics are changing.  Court orders, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, are meant to guide individuals on what they can and cannot do when in the middle of:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody and Visitation Disputes
  • Child Support Issues
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Order

In any of the above scenarios it can be a very emotional and highly stressful time.  Having information is your best weapon and guide when your family’s universe is rapidly changing or must rapidly change.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law is an area of the law that comes into play if you wish to:

  • Travel to the United States from another country
  • Apply for a US green card for yourself or for a family member or employee
  • Become a US citizen
  • Defend yourself against removal/deportation proceedings
  • Apply for a U.S. visa from another country

While historically the United States has used immigration laws to keep perceived foreign nationals out of its drawn borders, it has also been used to bring families together and carve out a space of refuge for those seeking asylum from violence and terror. It is possible to be successful in any of the above endeavors.  Come in for an in-depth consultation to determine your chances of immigration success. 


Bankruptcy Law can be taboo as we are taught from the very beginning to honor our contracts and obligations.  However, as a society we have bankruptcy laws that recognize that some people fall into debt, and struggle to pay their bills through no fault of their own.  We do the best that we can to put food on the table and pay all of our bills, but, most average Americans are only two paychecks away from homelessness. Bankruptcy law is a tool to give us a “clean slate” and gain peace of mind by resettling our debts, stopping all of the collection calls, and even eliminating most of our debts.

Whether you are trying to save your home from foreclosure or stop the garnishing of wages just long enough to give you some time to breathe and plan the next financial steps, bankruptcy can be a great aid.  Our office represents individual consumers and small business owners.

I couldn’t handle the creditors calling me anymore, being behind on my payments. I thought I would have to lose everything going through bankruptcy. I called Cheryl and she guided me through the complicated legal process of filing for bankruptcy.  I was able to save my house and my monthly plan payments are very sensible. I’m no longer uneasy about answering my phone or opening my mail. Thank you for saving my life and making my year. 

– R.T.